Why Trust Energy Solutions?

Energy Efficiency Improvements for Businesses

We are a local business, born from a passion for helping others. There is no better feeling than a job well done and a relationship strengthened as a result. When people work together, in a cooperative and creative manner, great things can be achieved – and trust is born.

We specialize in one thing: Helping businesses improve profitability through a variety of cost reducing tools. By reducing energy consumption, clients save money, improve the value of their business, and lower their carbon footprint. This last point is especially powerful – both as “the right thing to do” as a community citizen and as a platform to communicate with their shareholders and their clients to say “We Care.” It matters.

Buildings are like cars – they need to be tuned up periodically or they will fail. If they fail, what would have been an inexpensive tune-up becomes a costly rip and replace for your business. That’s where Trust Energy Solutions can help. We will assess your building, determine where you are wasting energy, design the most energy efficient, cost-effective upgrades, and manage the retrofit installation.

Our specialty is LED lighting– it eliminates bulb/ballast maintenance, produces a higher quality of light that’s closer to natural sunlight and makes your building “pop.” If light quality and quantity is important to your business, you must consider upgrading to LEDs.

We are much more than just lights! We offer many solutions that reduce operating costs and quickly improve the bottom line, including:

  • HVAC retrofits
  • Refrigeration retrofits
  • Window film
  • Controls
  • Energy contracts

We work closely with your energy utility to access free rebate money and to arrange financing for the non-rebate cost. Our clients see immediate reduction in their energy costs, as much as 30% or more, which results in immediate savings.

Our clients are more than just customers, they’re our business partners. We continue to work with each partner long after the job is done to provide maintenance, monitoring, marketing and more. Our goal is to help each client grow their business and go green – and as we all know, green sells!

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