Community Solar Credits

Go Solar Without Installing Solar Panels

Solar credits are known by many names: virtual net metering credit, Community Solar and alternative on bill credits. But regardless of the name you call it, it means the same thing:

Providing the benefits of solar to homeowners and businesses without having to install solar panels on your property.

What is Community Solar

Community Solar was established in Massachusetts in 2013. This program allows multiple participants in a community to share the benefits of a solar farm. It is a great way to take advantage of solar energy even if you cannot install panels. Participating in this shared solar program allows you to cut your carbon footprint and save on your electric bill.

Save Money

Reduce your electric bill for your home or business without installing solar panels.

Easy to Implement

No installation, no maintenance. Reap the benefits of clean energy without the hassles.

Peace of Mind

Know you are lowering your carbon footprint with clean, renewable local solar energy.

How it Works

When you sign up for community solar, you are getting a share of the electricity produced by a solar farm in your community. The electricity produced by the solar farm goes to your local power grid. When the power grid uses this electricity, you benefit from the savings applied each month as a credit on your electric bill.

How Community Solar Works

1. Clean energy is created through solar farms and sent to your utility provider.

2. This clean electricity flows through your utility provider and into your home or business.

3. You support renewal energy and save on your electric bills.

Signing up is free and there is nothing to install on your home or business. This saves you money and there are no maintenance headaches for you.

How Much Can You Save?

Use our savings calculator to find out how much you can save by joining the program.

Input the following information into the calculator:

  • Average Monthly Usage (kWh), for all electric bills combined – You can see your last 12months of kWh usage on your bill
  • The “Current Charges” ($) from page one of a recent electric bill, for just that month – Note: Don’t include any $$ adjustments. Just the $ charges for the recent bill’s month
  • The “Usage” (kWh) for the same electric bill’s month

Example of savings:  ($1000/5000kWh) x 7000kWh x 60mo x 0.10 = $8,400 of savings on your electric bill over a 5 year period!

Total Savings over 5 Years: $