Leslie Ray Insurance

Utility Rebates Cover 50% of Project Costs

The new owner of Leslie Ray Insurance felt it was time to give the office an updated and modern look. Trust Energy Solutions developed a customized lighting solution to make the site look and feel brand new to clients, and create a more comfortable work environment for the agents. The retrofit will save 20,018 kWh per year, reducing Leslie Ray Insurance’s electricity consumption by 68%!

Retrofit Benefits

  • Improved light quality and improved look and feel of the site. Office feels warm and inviting to customers
  • A more comfortable work environment for employees
  • Decreased maintenance costs with longer life lamps
  • Increased property value


Annual Dollar Savings – $7,851
Energy Consumption Reduction – 68%
Carbon Footprint Reduction – 60,728 lbs.
Payback – 3.75 years
Simple ROI – 82%
Cars Removed: 5.8
Trees Planted: 714

Trust Energy provided a way for us to make facility improvements without having to pay for the upgrade – it’s essentially free for me. Yes, there’s some cash outlay, but over time I get free lights, which not only saves money, but also eliminates the chore of changing old fluorescent bulbs.

David Ray, Owner
Leslie Ray Insurance