Bouvier Pharmacy

New LED Lighting for 100 Year Old Business

Bouvier Pharmacy was dissatisfied with the quality of their display lighting. They were tired of paying high electric bills to power lights that failed to enhance their retail space. Trust Energy designed a customized solution to improve the look and feel of the store both inside and out. The lighting upgrade saves 13,189 kWh, reducing Bouvier Pharmacy’s electricity consumption by 34% and reducing their electric bill by 56%.

Retrofit Benefits

  • Improved light quality and improved look and feel of the store. Retail spaces are well lit and products “pop” off the shelf
  • Increased light quantity, which improves curb appeal and makes store safer for customers and employees
  • Decreased electricity costs, and increased net operating income
  • Increased comfort in the retail and office space


Annual kWh Savings: 13,189 kWh
Annual Dollar Savings: $5,135
Energy Consumption Reduction: 34%
Carbon Footprint Reduction: 20,434 lbs.
Payback – 2.33 years
Simple ROI – 43%

Trust Energy installed new LED fixtures and redesigned the lighting layout, which really improved the look and feel of the store. The new lights use less electricity and the new layout means we don’t need as many lights, so we’re saving a lot of energy and reducing our carbon footprint.

Brian Bouvier, Owner
Bouvier Pharmacy