495 Truck Center

Utility Rebates Cover 50% of Project Costs

495 Truck Center Marlborough, MA

Prior to the retrofit, 495 Truck Center was using nearly 71,000 kWh of electricity annually. Trust Energy designed a customized solution to reduce energy consumption and improve light quality in the retail area and the truck repair space. The lighting upgrade saves 34,962 kWh, reducing 495 Truck’s energy use by 49%. Trust Energy also secured nearly $20,000 in utility rebate money, reducing the total upgrade cost by almost 50%.

Retrofit Benefits

  • Reduced electricity costs and increased net operating income
  • Improved light quality and increased productivity on shop floor
  • Decreased maintenance costs with longer life lamps
  • Increased property value


Annual kWh Savings – 34,962 kWh

Annual Dollar Savings – $8,498

Energy Consumption Reduction – 49%

Carbon Footprint Reduction – 73,168 lbs.

Payback – 2.3 years

Simple ROI – 44%

We’re as busy as ever and working to expand our business, so cutting operating costs like this is a big deal. Plus, we don’t have to constantly replace these [bulbs] like we did with our old lights.

Kristen Capello, Owner
495 Truck Center