Why Energy Efficiency?
For Your People, Your Pocketbook and Our Planet

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Energy Efficiency for Business

Trust Energy Solutions is laser focused on saving money for Massachusetts businesses through energy efficiency upgrades. We offer many solutions (much more than just lights!) that reduce operating costs and quickly improve the bottom line. We are experts at maximizing utility rebates and can finance any project. Our clients are more than just customers, they’re our business partners. We continue to work with each partner long after the job is done to provide maintenance, monitoring, marketing and more. Our goal is to help each client grow their business and go green – and as we all know, green sells!


  • Lighting
  • HVAC retrofits
  • Refrigeration retrofits
  • Window film
  • Controls
  • Energy contracts

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Customer Case Studies


Trust Energy Solutions designed a whole new layout that improved lighting levels all over the shop and at the specific Machining centers. This new lighting makes it so much easier to see the details we need and at the same time, it greatly reduced our electric bill. It’s a great win-win.

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Convenience Store

Hunt's Mobile

I’m very pleased with the overall value that Trust Energy has provided both during and after the retrofit project. The store looks great and I immediately noticed the savings on my electric bill.

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We’re very happy with the upgrade, it’s made a tremendous difference. Overall the employees are happy and I like that I don’t have to worry about leaving the building and seeing a light on.

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